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Do you still have questions? Find answers here!


Do you still have questions? Find answers here!

Frequently asked questions

General information

Hafendorf Müritz; D-17248 Rechlin
Tel: (03 98 23) 2 66-0
Fax: (03 98 23) 2 66-10

Addresses of our locations

Please click on the respective country to get to the addresses. We have also included a route planner so that you can easily find us.

Germany and France

To charter a boat with KUHNLE-TOURS, you must be at least 18 years old.

We will be happy to advise you on boat types and try to find the ideal boat for you together. Note: The “Febomobil” is particularly suitable for disabled boat guests as it is at ground level. It also has wide doors, a large, easily accessible wet room and a sturdy railing.

We recommend a minimum crew of 2 adults so that you are not alone in an emergency.

A detailed briefing is provided free of charge on the day of handover for all boats with more than 15 hp if you do not have an inland boating license. The instruction lasts approx. 3 hours and consists of a theoretical and a practical part, which also includes a test drive with our employees, so that you are optimally prepared. For boats without a license with less than 15 hp, only a practical introduction to the boat is given. If you would like to prepare in advance, we recommend the Quick Maritim charter guide for beginners. The book was produced in collaboration with our guides and introduces you to the world of boating in a good mood for 7.80 euros.

Skippers are needed from Zeuthen to the unlicensed waters. The skipper will take you to the Senzig pier or to Seddinsee and will also come on board here for the return trip. From the pier, you can travel to Scharmützelsee or Teupitz waters without a license. From Seddinsee you can reach the waters of Rüdersdorf and the Spree-Oder waterway as far as Eisenhüttenstadt or turn off in the direction of Schwielochsee. (minimum booking duration 3 days, skipper’s surcharge: € 100). Please note: A skipper is not required if you are sailing one of the license-free boats Febomobil, vetus 915 or bellus 750 (15 hp/11.003 kW) or if you have an inland boating license.

You are welcome to bring your pet on board. We charge 70,- € per pet.

There is no security certificate, as boat charter is subject to rental law.

No, that’s why we have a boat. But please put on a lifejacket as soon as you leave the inside of the boat.

Children have fun on the boat at any age, the only question is what effort needs to be made to ensure their safety. Children between 8 months and 2 years need a personal babysitter when they are awake and the boat is moving. If a child can already understand and follow the first rules, one person should still keep an eye on the toddler. Make sure that children wear life jackets that are suitable for their size and weight as soon as they are on deck.

Fantastic! Great, with plenty of space for everyone, well maintained, clean, breathtakingly peaceful, quiet and surrounded by colorful nature. Over 1700 kilometers of rivers, lakes and canals, all interconnected, form one of the largest and most beautiful inland areas in Europe. The Mecklenburg Lake District with the queen of the lakes – the 117 square kilometer Müritz – is well worth discovering. The waterways are easy to navigate and sheltered, there are a few locks and bridges, but not so many that they slow you down. In addition to unforgettable nature experiences, castles and manor houses, brick Gothic churches, modern interactive museums and places steeped in history await you.

Your personal copy of the Mecklenburg and Märkisch Waters cruise planner tells you what is where on the water. You will receive this from us four weeks before your boating vacation. You will receive the Törnatlas chart volume from us as a loan copy when you take delivery of the boat. Additional copies can be ordered for 15 euros from the publisher Quick Maritim.

No, but …

  1. Boats with less than 15 hp are generally license-free in Germany (except on the Rhine and a stretch along the Chancellery in Berlin).
  2. Boats with more than 15 hp are license-free under certain circumstances, namely if they do not travel faster than 12 kilometers per hour and are on selected waterways, mainly used by tourists, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Berlin and Brandenburg – fortunately, these are the most beautiful waterways in Germany. France has similar regulations.
  3. If you do not live in Germany, you are subject to the driving license law of your home country. If there are no boating licenses there, you can also sail in Germany without one.

You do not need any boating experience or knowledge. You will receive a detailed briefing on the day of arrival. Most boats are equipped with bow or stern thrusters so that you can maneuver easily.

Where is houseboating permitted?

You do not need a license anywhere in our regions, except in certain Berlin waters.

Locking is easy even for beginners. The correct technique is described in our captain’s handbook. No lock fee is charged in Germany and France. In France, however, you are expected to help the lock keeper open and close the lock gates if the locks are manually operated. You can leave a small tip. In Germany, a small fee is charged for some bridges.

The locks in France are open every day (including Sundays and public holidays). However, the locks in France are closed everywhere on May 1st (except Moselle). Also in a few districts on Easter Sunday and July 14 (national holiday). You can ask for details of any restrictions at the starting point. Every year, certain sections of the canal are closed by the state for maintenance work. These times will be published in March and passed on to you. Certain sections of the route can also be closed due to flooding, especially in spring. The boaters concerned will be notified.

Here you will find initial information on lock openings in the waters around Niderviller.

Lock closures, changes to lock and bridge operating times and other nautical information can be found at Quick Maritim from the beginning of March to mid-November.

In the event of a breakdown lasting half a day or longer, we will immediately refund you half the day or, if applicable, the whole day in the form of a voucher for the next boat rental or in cash.

You are always fully insured with the rental price with an excess of 1,200 euros in the event of damage (exception Fürstenberg: deposit here 750 euros). These 1,200 euros are paid on site as a deposit, either in cash or with a VISA or Mastercard. However, you can also reduce the excess to 250 euros with a deposit reduction. You will find further information in the general rental conditions under point 11 Insurance.

Why should you choose KUHNLE-TOURS? Let us show you some of the advantages.

Questions about booking

Various booking options are available to you.

You can book online at www.kuhnle-tours.de (via online booking or inquiry form), by telephone on +49 (0)3 98 23 – 2 66-0, by e-mail at info(at)kuhnle-tours.de and in writing by letter using the booking inquiry form.

We do not send rental vouchers or vouchers. Please bring your booking confirmation with you on arrival to present at the respective marina.

We do not send out vouchers (rental vouchers).

Instead, you will receive a booking confirmation after your booking. Please bring these with you on the day of arrival.

You will find our cancellation conditions in our General Terms and Conditions.

When you book with us, you will receive booking documents by e-mail. There is another form which you must return within three days as confirmation. Only then will the booking be binding and the following cancellation fees will apply:

After a possible withdrawal at any time, the tenant is obliged to pay the following compensation: up to 91 days before departure: 30% of the rental price, but at least 30 euros per registered person,
– thereafter up to the 61st day before departure: 40% of the rental price
– from 60 to 46 days before the start of the trip: 60% of the rental price
– from the 45th to the 31st day before departure: 90% of the rental price
– from the 30th day: 100% of the rental price


Bed linen, towels and bath towels (according to the number of people), tea towels (2 per boat, 3 and 4 cabin boats: 3 per boat), washing-up liquid, sponge cloth, toilet paper (one roll per wet room), hand soap (one per wet room) are provided on the boats* * = included on all Kormorans and Aquinos.

Many of our boats in Germany are equipped with a bimini (awning). In France/Southern Wine Moselle, the Haines 1070 has a bimini. All other boats have a parasol on board or a parasol can be hired.

Most of our houseboats have a propeller at the front of the boat, also known as a bow propeller or side thruster. This allows you to move the bow of the boat to the right or left, making it possible to maneuver without the boat being underway. The bow propeller is particularly useful when locking and mooring, but you will quickly get to know your boat and be able to steer it safely even without this aid.

In Germany, most houseboats are equipped with an echo sounder. This electronic depth gauge makes navigation easier and is an ideal tool for anglers to find good fishing grounds.

Some boats are also equipped with a Garmin Striker.

All boats are equipped with crockery, cutlery, pots, pans, cooking utensils, sinks with hot and cold water and a gas stove (with two to four plates). Many boats also have an oven, except for the Tjonger, Galle and bellus 750.

We do not have coffee machines on board. But you can brew your own coffee, there are filter attachments in the pantry. Please buy coffee filters in size 4.

You can book a television for €9/day. We charge a deposit of 100 euros for a flat screen. Internet television is possible via WiFi. There is no guarantee of reception on the water and there is limited capacity. (Only from/to Hafendorf Müritz)

There are no radios on the boats.

On the Aquino 1190, Primus Kormoran, Advanced Kormoran and the Haines boats, there are insect screens on the windows of the sleeping cabins. We recommend that you always apply an insect repellent spray when you are out in nature or on the deck.

In our harbors in Rechlin and Niderviller you have free W-Lan access. A router with data card is included in the charter price on the Aquino 1190 and the Pirate 1200 G. For all other boats you can book a router with data card for €9/day. However, reception on the water cannot be guaranteed.

The boats have an average of 62 hp.

The Febomobiles, which have a maximum of 15 hp, are a particular exception.

You do not need to bring your own life jackets. We have vests for adults on board, usually in the saloon under the seats. We have extra life jackets for your children in our marinas in Rechlin, Priepert, Zeuthen and Niderviller, which we adapt to the weight of your child. If there is no suitable lifejacket for you, please contact the staff and a suitable lifejacket will be selected.

The boat types Aquino 1190, Primus Kormoran 1500/1280/1140, Advanced Kormoran 1150 and 1290, Haines 1190/1070, vetus 1500, Pirate 1200 G are equipped with a bimini (awning) in Germany. Likewise the Haines 1070 in France/Southern Wine Moselle. The Kormoran 940 in Germany, as well as all boats in France and Southern Wine Moselle without a bimini have a sunshade on board. A sunshade can be rented for all other boats, except for the Febomobil/Bunbos.

Most of our houseboats are equipped with shore power. The Aquino 1190, Kormoran 1500, and all Haines boats are equipped with a 230-volt shore connection and 230-volt inverter, which means that if there is no shore connection, you have 2000 watts for a few hours, up to 3000 watts at peak times, at all sockets. So if the battery is charged, you can use your laptop or other 230-volt devices while driving. You will find sockets in every cabin and also in or in front of the wet room.

Here you will find an
of the exact equipment of the boats with sockets.

The on-board voltage is 12 volts. The majority of our yachts and houseboats are equipped with shore power. This means that when shore power is connected, the on-board batteries are automatically charged and the sockets have 230 volts. This means that electrical appliances of all kinds can be operated without restriction. In addition, most of our boats have 230 volt sockets for power up to 50 watts on board. These are suitable for shavers, for example, and can also be used at any time without a shore connection. Some boats are equipped with 230-volt inverters in addition to the shore connection so that you can use shavers or other appliances without a shore connection (up to 2000 watts).

Here you will find an
of the power supply on the boats.

Primus cormorants are equipped with hot water heaters, as are the Advanced cormorants and the Aquinos. However, the latter two also have underfloor heating in the saloon. The majority of the other boats are equipped with functional hot-air heaters. All heating systems are easy to regulate and thanks to the boats’ good insulation, the heat is retained even in cold seasons.

As a rule, the water and waste water tanks last for around seven days. In the trip planner you will find the marinas where you can refill or empty them. You can find out how much volume the tanks have here.

Before the trip

You can pick up the charter boats at all departure bases on different days. The takeover takes place from 15:00. It is best to arrive a little earlier. It is important that you have enough time and peace and quiet for this. The boat must be returned by 8.30 am.

You can explore numerous sightseeing boats in our Hafendorf Müritz in Rechlin.

We are waiting for you in the marina office. Here we need from you:

  • the travel voucher/voucher
  • Your original boating license, if available
  • the

    security deposit

    either in cash or by VISA or Mastercard (the deposit is either 1,200 euros or 250 euros if you have booked a deposit reduction) and the fuel charge of 190 euros.
  • a possible final payment.

You will receive from us:

  • twice the handover protocol, once with and once without an inventory list of the boat. Here we and you confirm that the deposit for the boat has been paid. The colleague writes down the initial reading of the operating hours counter on this handover log during the practical briefing.
  • the logbook: Here you will find important technical details, the papers for the boat and a damage report in case you cause damage. There is also a service and emergency number on the logbook that can be reached 24 hours a day if you have any questions about the technology or if there is a fault. (is now on the boat)
  • Children’s life jackets if required

If your boat is ready for occupancy, you can then load it and move in. We would ask you to go through the inventory list and report any discrepancies to your colleague during the briefing.

If you drive without a boating license, it is a legal requirement in Germany to receive three hours of instruction. The one and a half hour theory lesson starts at around 4 pm (may vary). If it is possible, we would like to ask you to take part in pairs or groups of three. The other passengers may be able to load the boat in the meantime.

You will receive practical instruction in advance or afterwards, which lasts around one and a half hours. All passengers are allowed on board.

At our bases you will find
Shopping facilities and ATMs
. There is no shopping service on our part.

As a suggestion of what you can take on board as basic equipment, we have compiled the
KUHNLE boat box
created. You will find a few more points in the
captain’s handbook
which will be sent to you by post approximately four weeks before your arrival.

We will send you the following documents in advance: The
captain’s handbook
and cruise literature (depending on the area).

You can also borrow a cruising atlas from the German bases.

We have compiled cruise suggestions for you in the catalogs “Boat Holidays”, “Cruise Planner Mecklenburg and Märkische Waters” and “Cruise Atlas Mecklenburg and Märkische Waters”.

You can register online
get ideas for cruise planning according to your vacation area or
be inspired by other vacationers. You can read about some of the points you should pay attention to
read here

You can pay for your trip in advance by bank transfer, credit card (Visa, Mastercard and AMEX) or cash. You pay the deposit by credit card or in cash when you pick up the apartment.

Parking spaces are available at the charter bases. In some cases, you can rent monitored or garage parking spaces. Parking fees may apply. A motorhome parking space is also available.

During the trip

You can moor or anchor directly in nature in most areas. There are only restrictions on the large lakes, such as the upper lakes in Mecklenburg. You can only anchor on the lake there if you have a boating license. We will also provide you with a map showing all the marinas. So you can plan your trip precisely.

You can plan your route individually or follow our cruise suggestions. On average, our customers drive around 3-6 hours a day. We recommend a speed of 6 – 8 km/h. This way you protect the shore waters and can relax and enjoy the trip.

You are allowed to sail with a wind force of 4 Bft. no longer travel across the Müritz and Lake Plau. In addition, you may only cross these two lakes, not stop or anchor, and you must call us before crossing. Crossing is not permitted with the Febomobiles, Bunbos and the Sundeck 400.

There are sanitary facilities in almost every port. In the trip planner you will find the individual moorings and see whether there are showers there.

Berths cannot be reserved. You have the option of calling the respective port and asking whether there is free capacity. Information about the ports and telephone numbers can be found in the “Cruise Planner”.

The Müritz, the “little sea”, is a not entirely harmless lake. Anyone with a charter license may sail up to wind force 3, but not at higher wind forces. If you have a boating license, you may also cross the Müritz in higher wind forces (up to wind force 6), but we advise against it. If it is stormy and you are not allowed to sail on the Müritz, but are supposed to return the boat the next day, we ask you to wait. Report to the marina office or the technical emergency service at 8 a.m. on the day of delivery. Crossing is not permitted with the Febomobiles, Bunbos and the Sundeck 400.

Please keep calm. Call the marina office and report the damage. You will find a damage report in the logbook, which you must complete. You must also call the water police. If a third party has been harmed, please be sure to record their contact details and take photos.

Who will help me on my houseboat vacation if there is a problem?

We have an emergency service for technical problems and breakdowns between 6 a.m. and 8.30 p.m., after that only in absolute emergencies.

You will find the number in the logbook.

After the cruise

You can send your trip report to us by post (KUHNLE-TOURS GmbH, Hafendorf Müritz, 17248 Rechlin – Germany) or by e-mail to info@kuhnle-tours.de.

Further information can be found

After our customers leave, each boat is checked and cleaned, so we notice forgotten items immediately and can allocate them. We will send you the items by post for a fee.

Finances / Costs

Deutsche Bank

IBAN: DE73 600 700 700 1230044 00


Account holder: KUHNLE-TOURS GmbH

You can find an overview of all our extras here.

The deposit for the boat is usually €1,200, but can cost up to €2,000 depending on the area (Elbe and Oder trips). It is possible to book a deposit reduction to € 250. You pay a daily price for using this reduction. The deposit for fuel is € 220. You must deposit this in advance (cash or credit card).

To make it easier for you and us, we calculate the following when you return your boat (except for some boats with outboard engines)
after operating hours. Fuel, engine oil and gas are included in the operating hours.

Here is a list of the operating costs per hour of running engine

(Subject to change, e.g. due to changes in fuel prices or tax increases)

The cost of the final cleaning depends on the type of boat.

We do not offer travel cancellation insurance.

The rent includes the complete inventory with household and boat accessories, crockery and glasses, cutlery, cooking utensils, kitchen accessories, shower and toilet, hot and cold running water, gas stove with hotplates, oven, refrigerator, electric light, comforters and pillows, necessary deck equipment such as lines, anchors, boat hooks, fenders.

Free berths are available for our charter guests in our marinas in Hafendorf Müritz, in Zeuthen and in Niderviller. If you moor in our marinas with your own boat or a boat from another rental company, the costs depend on the length of the boat. You pay between €1.80 and €2 per meter. If you are in the marina for less than four hours and before 4 pm, you pay € 4. The costs in other marinas may differ.

There are no lock fees in Germany and France.

All our discounts can be combined with each other up to a maximum of 20%.

We offer you the following discounts: Multi-week cruises (5-10%, depending on the length of the vacation), group discount (5-15%) and the last-minute offers.

You get a 10% discount for your second vacation in the same year on the cheaper cruise of the two booked cruises. For the third charter, the discount is based on the second cheapest charter price. This discount is not valid for day charters, consecutive trips and cannot be combined with special offers or last-minute discounts.

Give your loved one the gift of a houseboat voucher. You can choose from various voucher templates after payment. Click here to go to the online store.

Further questions

Of course you can fish. If you do not have a fishing license, you can purchase a tourist fishing license for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for 24 euros (for four weeks). Children up to the age of 14 do not need a fishing license. You will also need a fishing license for the water you wish to fish – prices vary for daily or weekly licenses depending on the water. If required, you can also borrow fishing rods and a cool box from us.

We work together with one of the best fishing guiding companies in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. You can individually book the guide for your houseboat vacation. We would be happy to advise you or you can browse the
website pronature-mv.

The Mecklenburg Lake District is particularly inviting for swimming in summer. With your own houseboat, all you have to do is choose the right bay and the bathing fun begins.

However, swimming is not permitted or recommended in some canals. It is therefore best to ask briefly during the briefing which areas are particularly suitable for swimming.

You can hire bicycles at many of our bases. Due to the high demand in the season, we ask you to reserve these in advance. Of course you can also bring your own bikes.

Of course you can barbecue on our houseboats, but there are certain safety regulations. You can therefore conveniently book the right barbecue for your houseboat directly with us.

Simply add it under Extras when booking.

As the name suggests, it is a mixture of house and boat. There is no exact definition, but it applies to us:


  • move slowly, mostly on inland waters (rivers, lakes, canals)
  • have a motor
  • offer comfortable living quality
  • have fixed beds, a kitchen and at least one bathroom

Sometimes floating houses that are moored in one place all year round are also called houseboats.

Contact us

We are happy to help

If you have any questions, please contact us by chat, e-mail or telephone.

Marina office Hafendorf Müritz

Marinastrasse 1
Müritz harbor village, D-17248
Rechlin (Müritz)
Open in Google Maps

Sat, Sun until 5 pm

Reservation center

Mon-Fri 8:30-18:30
Sat 9:00-13:00


Vacation advice

We will be happy to advise you and prepare an individual offer for you.

Would you like to book by phone or find out more? Do you have questions about an existing booking? We will be happy to advise you!

We will be happy to create a suitable, individually tailored offer for you.

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