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Werbellinsee Biosphere Reserve


Mildenberg/Zehdenick | Langer Trödel | Werbellinsee

Lake Werbellin, which is up to 55 meters deep and dates back to the last ice age, can be reached via the densely overgrown Werbellin Canal.

The Werbellinkanal is in turn connected to the historically interesting Finow Canal and its westernmost section, the long Trödel, so that you can also travel by houseboat here without a license as part of the charter license regulations.

Thanks to the surrounding biosphere reserve, the water of Lake Werbellin is of such good quality that the fishing restaurants can serve vendace. Mooring and eating fish or buying and preparing it on board is worthwhile – or just try your luck at fishing yourself? Lake Werbellin is also popular with divers, with wrecks that can be dived into and clear water.

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