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The blue quartet


Be inspired by the size of the blue quartet and take a trip with your crew to Plau by the lake. During your stop in Röbel, enjoy the view of the Müritz from the viewing platform of St. Mary’s Church. Take a stroll through the old town of Waren, the largest town on the “little sea”, or enjoy a coffee in one of the many cafés in the town harbor.
Via Kölpinsee and Fleesensee you reach the island town of Malchow with its old town center and swing bridge, which connects the old town and the new town. Via Petersdorfer See and Lenz you reach Lake Plau with the town of Plau am See. On the western shore of the lake, old brick and half-timbered houses await you, as well as the lighthouse with a view of Lake Plau.

In addition to the many small towns, the nature along your cruise also has a lot to offer and small bays invite you to anchor and relax.

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