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Priepert - Zeuthen with a detour through the Niederfinow boat lift


Priepert | Liebenwalde | Langer Trödel | Niederfinow boat lift | Oderberg | Spandau | Schmöckwitz | Zeuthen

Both run parallel to the east, but while the Oder-Havel Canal is a modern commercial shipping route without locks, time seems to have stood still in the idyllic 250-year-old Finow Canal. The Finow Canal can be navigated without a license, but the locks are expected to be renovated from 2023. The new and old boat lifts in Niederfinow are therefore unfortunately only accessible with a license via the Havel-Oder waterway. A trip through the ship’s hoist is a highlight of a skipper’s life, but the information center about the new building is also worth a visit: schiffshebewerk-niederfinow.com

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