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Rhine-Marne Canal to Strasbourg


From the former ceramics town of Niderviller, it is only a few kilometers east to the passage through the two tunnels of Niderviller with lengths of almost 500 meters and over two kilometers – a real experience. Behind the second tunnel, a technical as well as tourist attraction awaits us, the
Arzviller boat lift
. 17 locks and eight hours of travel time were saved with the Arzviller lift: up to three houseboats are raised or lowered 44.5 meters at a time in the hull of an inclined elevator, which is held in place by counterweights and steel cables. In the high season and on public holidays, you should allow for some waiting time, which you can pass by visiting the facility.

Driver's license: Driving license free
Length of the trip: 132 kilometers
Duration in days: 7-10 days
Number of locks: 70

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