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Cruise to Saareguemines


The Saar Canal, with a length of just over sixty kilometers, connects the Rhine-Marne Canal with the Saar at
(Sarreguemines). Its towpath is a well-developed cycle path that takes you quickly to the bathing spots at the lakes along the canal. Nestled between meadows, forests, small ponds, the most beautiful lakes in Lorraine and sleepy villages, the canal winds its way leisurely through Alsace-Lorraine. The Saar flows parallel to the canal for a long time as far as Saargemünd – and as its riverbed is lower, it offers beautiful views. Between locks 29 and 28 of the Saar Canal lies the estuary basin of the Blies and Saar with a beautiful view of Saargemünd (Sarreguemines) and a small marina. This marina is located directly in front of the magnificent
a building erected for the workers of the earthenware factory and decorated with ceramic pictures.

Driver's license: Driving license free
Length of the trip: 164 kilometers
Duration in days: 2-3 days
Number of locks: 54

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